Following routes (skill 27)

27. Independent driving and using a sat nav

Independent driving is an exercise you’ll have to carry out during your driving test.

You’ll have to follow directions from a sat nav or follow a series of traffic signs. This gives you the chance to experience what it will be like to drive after you’ve passed your test.

To drive independently and keep full control, you should be able to:

  • plan ahead, so you do not have to make any late decisions
  • be able to follow sat nav directions and traffic signs
  • use the mirrors – signal – manoeuvre (MSM) and position – speed – look (PSL) routines
  • position the car correctly and in good time
  • understand the correct use of lanes, both with and without directional information
  • respond correctly to other road users
  • know and respond to traffic signs and road markings

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Check you’re ready to pass

You’ll usually be ready to take your driving test when:

1You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.

2You do not make serious or dangerous mistakes when you’re driving.

3You can pass mock driving tests.

4You have practised ways of managing your nerves.

5Your driving instructor agrees you are ready.

Find out if you’re ready.

Not feeling completely prepared?

Only take your driving test if you’re feeling completely prepared.

You can move your driving test back if you’re not feeling quite ready yet.

It’s free to change your appointment time, as long as you do it at least 3 full working days (Mondays to Saturdays) before your test.

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