Toolkit for driving instructors

Find out about the campaign materials you can use if you’re a driving instructor.

‘Ready to Pass?’ checklist



You can embed the campaign video on your own website. You can also share it via social media.

Campaign launch video

Social media and website graphics

Ready to Pass? campaign

‘Ready to Pass?’ animation – portrait (GIF, 76KB)
‘Ready to Pass?’ animation – standard (GIF, 48KB)
‘Ready to Pass?’ animation – narrow (GIF, 73KB)

Learning to drive

Learning to drive – square (JPG, 206KB)
Learning to drive – wide (JPG, 74KB)
Learning to drive animation – square (GIF, 1.2MB)
Learning to drive animation – wide (GIF, 1.7MB)

Taking a driving test

Taking a driving test – square (JPG, 46KB)
Taking a driving test – wide (JPG, 65KB)
Taking a driving test animation – square (GIF, 1.2MB)
Taking a driving test animation – wide (GIF, 1.5MB)

Supervising a learner driver

Supervise a learner driver – version 1 (JPG, 3.5MB)
Supervise a learner driver – version 2 (JPG, 3.4MB)

Colour palette

Yellow R:255, G:213, B:0, Hex: #FFD600

Black R:29, G:29, B:27, Hex: #1D1D1B

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